Silent Village

You decide to press forward, it’s just a bit more effort and there’s probably an Inn or somewhere to rest. After what seemed like an eternity walking past creepy trees, bushes, seeing some eyes in the darkness, hearing some odd cackles, and distant screams, you finally arrive at the village!

As you enter the village you notice the roads are made of stone, making it easier to walk on than the dirt roads you've been walking on so far. There’s also a good amount of light now, and the eyes that were following you in the shadows have now disappeared. You walk into the village and notice it’s… empty. The buildings were also odd all themed after strange things. The lack of any public establishments or inns had you at a loss, but you figured you could just ask someone. Although this late at night they must all be inside sleeping. You can see that a few of the buildings were illuminated. The village didn't seem as much of a village now as you notice there's only 3 buildings, one being a huge mansion atop a hill, the others being a candy store, and a costume shop. To the east of the village there's a huge field with lots of pumpkins and a farm.

What do you do now?