A Spooky World

Halloween is finally here, and a brand new area is open for anytoon who is brave enough to explore it! You weren't too sure at first but after a bit of convincing from Cassi, the care taker of the group, you decided to go in! As you walk into the room the door shuts, trapping you into the dark room. A few second in the darkness later the wall in front of you lowers revealing a vast open field with many dirt roads, hills, spooky silhouettes, ominous clouds, and a huge moon. You can feel a chill going up your spine as you feel the cold Autumn air brushes past you. You can also see a huge silhouette moving about in the night… and it’s wearing a peculiar hat.

As you walk out of the room you realize that there’s a few buildings, fences and roads ahead of you. Although as quickly as earlier, the opening behind you is shut by a wall. Seems like you can’t go back.

What do you do now?